Essex International's 30 year partner experiences high growth in GDP

Xinhua is reporting that Jiangsu Province has reported growth of 7.8% in their GDP. The country has already announced to have surpassed 8.5 trillion yuan.

Jiangsu Province is Essex International's lond standing partner. We have managed a relationship between Essex and Jiangsu which has lasted for 30 years. Essex International now works alongside many provinces in China but our relationship with Jiangsu is of paramount importance to us and our China office is located in Jiangsu's capital, Nanjing. Essex International's links with the government in Jiangsu and access to businesses allows us to effectively and efficiently assist our clients.

Jiangsu is the China's second-largest contributor to the national GDP and is the country’s largest manufacturing province. In 2016 the growth was 6.7% and in 2015 it was 6.9%. This year the city of Wuxi's GDP has grown to over 1 trillion yuan, making Jiangsu the only Province in China to have 3 cities over contributing over 1 trillion yuan alongside Nanjing and Suzhou.

There are many drivers for the growth in Jiangsu, among them are expansions in the health and meditech industries and in smart technologies.

China continues to look abroad for foreign products that can improve its offerings in these areas. Businesses with products in these or any other categories with strong USPs of quality, safety and branding, should contact Essex International for a free consultation on if the market is right for your product.

Essex International help their clients by quickly connecting them to influential buyers and decision-makers such as end-users, distributors, specifiers or government officials.

Essex International promote your product to the right people straight away and get you answers to some key questions:

Is there a market for my product or service in China?
How do I identify the best route to market and understand the regulations?
How does my product compare with the competition?
How do I get closer to my distributors?
How will I manage communications in Chinese to close deals?

Even if you are already in China, Essex International can help you get a tighter grip or expand your market.

Peter Manning
Peter Manning

Head of Essex International

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Extensive 'in market' experience in China, India and the UK. 15 years in the fields of inward investment, international trade, international realtionships and business development. His experience of helping UK and Chinese businesses, universities and governments do business together has given Peter detailed knowledge of how to do business in China and a wide range of contacts. Peter has an MBA from Henley Business School (Reading University), and was awarded an OBE in 2019 in the New Year’s Honours List for UK/China Relations.