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Chinese Professionals

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Essex International has designed and delivered a range of short course programmes for Chinese professionals across China.  These government-government initiatives support UK-China national programmes to share expertise. 

We have provided Chinese professionals with in-depth study on topics including:

  • Fire and Rescue. From emergency command and control techniques to coordinate response to a major incident, to community fire prevention awareness-raising programmes.
  • Local government emergency response. How UK local governments coordinate multiple agencies to protect and inform their local population in an emergency situation such as a flood or major explosion.
  • Primary Healthcare. How the NHS works, how General Practitioners deliver primary health care, and how individual GP practices are run and monitored for quality.
  • Delivery of local public services. How UK local governments are organised and how they manage in an environment of reduced budgets
  • British legal system. How it operates and how it judges and magistrates are separate from the government.
  • Museum services. How UK museums are boosting their performance and contribution by using the latest technologies to bring artefacts and exhibitions to life, reaching out to local schools, and working with other arts organisations to make museums ‘cultural hubs’.
  • Elderly care. How care is provided in the UK and how it is changing to meet demographic and financial changes.

Essex International works with local and national organisations in the UK to deliver bespoke training to government departments across China depending on their needs. 

Ge Jing
Ge Jing

Senior Professional Training Manager

+44 (0) 7789 187661


Ge Jing heads up our team providing development and training for Chinese government civil servants. Ge Jing draws on her previous experience of working for a Chinese provincial government department to provide Essex International’s business and local government clients with advice on how to manage and develop government relations, which is often a key aspect of doing business in China.