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For organisations that are new to China we focus on answering the question ‘is there a market in China for my product or service?’  We ensure we fully understand the competitive advantage of your product in the China market and then we concentrate on introducing you to interested Chinese buyers.  We use our China knowledge and network of contacts among Chinese businesses and government departments to help our clients meet decision-makers that are interested in buying their product in particular.  If necessary we can help you navigate opaque regulations and provide communication support to help you conclude deals.

For companies already in China we are well-placed to help them expand their business, particularly in the Yangtse River delta area.

Our services include:

  • Primary market research. We research potential buyers and partners and then go and talk to them about your company’s offering. This seemingly simple step can be hard to achieve in China. Decision-makers are hard to reach and even harder to meet. We use our contacts and relationships in China to do this legwork for you and pass you all the vital information from these meetings, such as the competition you face, how purchasing decisions are made, what functionality they want (or don’t need), price sensitivity, etc.
  • Navigating bureaucracy. Procurement rules and government regulations can be difficult to uncover and comply with. We can help you understand the situation as it applies to your product/service.
  • Meeting buyers. We concentrate on making sure you only need to travel to China when potential buyers have been shown you product/service and have expressed a definite interest in buying.
  • Attending exhibitions. Exhibitions can be a good way to get a feel for the market and build your brand. They are more efficient if we can work with you first to target other attendees and help you ‘work’ the exhibition to bring more people to your stand and help you communicate with them in Chinese.
  • Logistics and business etiquette support. Our consultant can set up and confirm meetings, get you to them on time, help you book rail tickets and book convenient hotels. They will act as your guide and provide first class business interpretation. Everything needed to allow you focus on the business discussions.
Paul White
Paul White

Senior Export Services Manager

+44 (0) 7738 885007


Paul leads our export team. He has lived and worked in China for many years and now works with companies to help put their products and services into the Chinese market. Paul works with businesses in the UK to identify their China-specific USPs and then identify interested buyers in China, with our China-based team.