Inward Investment
from China

Securing Investment

Through our work with Chinese businesses and the East of England-Jiangsu Partnership we are well-placed to identify Chinese companies that wish to invest in UK businesses and projects.   Chinese businesses and high-wealth individuals seek investment opportunities in the UK for a range of reasons including:

  • To develop new technologies with UK hi-tech companies
  • To achieve investment returns in commercial ventures
  • To open the UK market for their services

Place Promotion and Inward Investment

We also advise local and regional governments on how to promote their regions in China and how to form effective economic development links with cities and provinces in China. 

Effective region-region links must be based on more than good intentions: unless there are goods and specialisms that both sides can trade links will not progress beyond the civic.  We can help both sides find the right partner and develop an appropriate and cost-effective economic partnership.

Lin Perry
Lin Perry

Senior Investment Services Manager

+44 (0) 7740 900359


Lin Perry heads up our inward investment team, helping UK companies to source investment from China and assisting Chinese companies to land in the UK.  Lin has previously worked in China for an inward investment promotion agency and as a professional translator.