Phoenix Publishing and Media Group

A growing company which has opened a hotel and printing works in Essex

Phoenix Press & Media Group (PPMG) Epping HotelPhoenix Press and Media Group (PPMG) – 凤凰出版传媒集团 is engaged in six business sectors - publishing, book distribution, printing, hotel, real estate, and finance - and its annual sales income amounts to £1.2 billion. In China the company has 11,000 employees and 34 affiliated units. Essex International worked with PPMG to help them open a printing works and hotel in Essex. Essex International used their expert knowledge and network of contacts in the UK to help PPMG find the right partners and location in the UK. Essex International has continued to support PPMG working in the UK to help them grow and create more jobs for the local Essex economy.

How Essex International helped PPMG land and succeed in the UK market

PPMG was interested in setting up a branch in Europe. Essex International discussed PPMG’s intentions with them and put them in contact with key organisations like INVEST Essex. Essex International then assisted them in finding partners to hold cultural fairs and meet with local businesses.

The benefits Essex International brought

Understanding the unique needs of a Chinese company when entering the UK market for the first time, Essex International worked closely with PPMG to assist them with gaps in their knowledge on how to do business in the UK. Essex International was able to work closely with PPMG to advise them on how to move forward by:

  • Phoenix Press and Media Group working with Essex InternationalSuggesting local firms that could assist with legal and financial services
  • Help local staff to adapt to uk business methods
  • Find suitable locations for their premises
  • Educate PPMG on the opportunities in Essex

The results

PPMG have opened a hotel and printing works in Essex and have found success providing services in London and Essex. PPMG continue to pursue promoting cultural understanding of China in the UK.

"This is an important strategy of PPMG to expand its market from home to abroad,"

Zhang Zaijian, General Manager, Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Printing Co Ltd, a subsidiary of PPMG

“Phoenix print digital printing business is PPMG’s first step in UK. We are looking to start our publishing business in one year. And we want PPM International to be a platform for cultural exchanges. We hope we can initiate a writers exchange project with essex in the near future.”

Mr Chen Haiyan, Chairman and CEO, PPMG

About PPMG

Phoenix Publishing & Media Group was established in September 2001. The group is engaged in publishing, printing and distributing of books, periodicals, newspapers, electronic and audio-visual products as well as printing material supplying and copyright trade. As a result of multiple marketing and multiple investments, it is now one of the most influential large-scale Chinese publishing and media groups.

How Essex International helps organisations

Essex International helps UK organisations attract investment and Chinese companies and organisations enter the UK market through their unique access afforded by an exclusive 26-year relationship with Jiangsu Province in China and work as a county council in the UK. They are able to obtain local market knowledge, set up targeted face-to-face meetings and communicate with organisations on clients’ behalf, using their expert knowledge, network of contacts and relationships.

Peter Manning
Peter Manning

Head of Essex International

+44 (0) 7907 025 155


Extensive 'in market' experience in China, India and the UK. 15 years in the fields of inward investment, international trade, international realtionships and business development. His experience of helping UK and Chinese businesses, universities and governments do business together has given Peter detailed knowledge of how to do business in China and a wide range of contacts. Peter has an MBA from Henley Business School (Reading University), and was awarded an OBE in 2019 in the New Year’s Honours List for UK/China Relations.

Paul White
Paul White

Senior Export Services Manager

+44 (0) 7738 885007


Paul leads our export team. He has lived and worked in China for many years and now works with companies to help put their products and services into the Chinese market. Paul works with businesses in the UK to identify their China-specific USPs and then identify interested buyers in China, with our China-based team.